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November 12, 2012


Bob Holmes

Ever since I first met you in that coffeehouse in Winston Salem, where we (Face To Face) were playing, I knew you were a different kind of Christian. One who got out of their comfort zone to go into the uncomfortable places where God goes to bring hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless, and healing to the broken and forgotten. Keep bringing on the Awesome!

Margie Carter

Wow, this is so exciting. One of my FB friends posted. I go to Harvest & we're really excited about what God wants to do downtown. My heart leapt when I read this. Keep on keeping on! This must be the next wave of what he wants to do & where he wants to do it! So many of us are feeling stirred for the downtown area!

Margie C

Art Lopez

This looks great! I love to see a city come alive especially when its sanctified. Bringing it to the streets. I would love to see Pensacola bring back Grace Fest to the way it used to the streets, not behind a fence or in a building. Bring it to the people where they hang out. I personally connect with music and hearing contemporary Christian music in the streets, brings me to my changes people...common Mayor you can bring it back.


Thanks guys... we are excited and believe we are seeing the birth of something new that God is doing in our city... Keep us in prayer... and Art, I loved Gracefest... I worked on the prayer team for the artists... looked forward to it every year.

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